Is Gymnastics Safe?

Gymnastics, like the rest of sports, may involve some risks. In fact, it is common to see that the people who practice it suffer some type of minimal injury since it is a highly demanding sport that requires a lot of physical effort; it is even compared to that necessary to play football or rugby. However, when practicing gymnastics with caution, this discipline becomes a practice as safe as it is fun.

To achieve this, the following aspects must be considered:


Having a tutor or teacher to guide beginners during their gymnastics learning process is essential to prevent any type of injury caused by bad practices that result from lack of knowledge. It is always ideal that people, who are just starting in this world, seek professional support to know all the necessary techniques and ways to protect themselves.

Personal safety equipment:

Have you ever seen a gymnast fall? Well, this is normal. Tumbling, flipping, and balancing usually causes this to happen. However, there is not much to worry about as there are ways to reduce the impact of these falls. All of them involve the use of safety equipment such as wristbands, protectors and grips. On the other hand, there are those who use talcum powder to improve the way they hold while reducing any friction on their hands.

Protection for beginners:

Gymnastics promotes the care of their athletes, especially those who are starting. Therefore, it is recommended to use sensing belts when learning and practicing new tricks. These are hooked and suspended from the ceiling to avoid falls while this process is carried out.

The gym:

Any gym or academy that is reputable must be equipped with the necessary equipment for teaching and practicing gymnastics, especially all those related to safety. In this sense, it is important to pay attention to details such as anti-slip carpets and the assembly of the devices that the gymnast uses.


Gymnastics have to be supervised, in fact, it is mandatory that all classes and all training be supervised by qualified and experienced coaches. For example, a gymnast who is learning to make a jump back will always have an observer in case he/she slips. This is required in gyms since the observer is responsible for catching the student before his head or neck touches the ground.

In this way, we have that gymnastics, like every sports discipline, requires that we work certain details in order to make it safer for the practitioner. Taking into account the demands of this sport, as well as the physical effort it needs, we can say that gymnastics is very safe and can be practiced by people of all ages as long as they are responsible and do not forget to protect themselves.

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