JO Developmental Team: Pre-Team to Level 10

What is the JO Developmental Program?

The Women’s Development Program (WDP) as referred to as the JO Program (Prior Name) was created with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. This is the track athletes follow to reach highest levels of gymnastics including but not limited to level 10, elite and NCAA Division 1 Gymnastics. At Gymnastics Unlimited  our objective as the JO Team Coaches  is to guide athletes through developmental levels leading to a competitive optional program. The curriculum will focus on strength, flexibility, and technique as well as building the gymnasts confidence. Our goal is to develop each individual’s potential at their own pace in a safe learning environment.

How do Athletes Join the JO Team?

We typically do one Team Try-out a year end of April/ Early May. If you are interested in the program please reach out to the front desk placement in our noncompetitive pre-team program can be year around. We are happy to set up an individual evaluation for a pre-team placement . Athletes can only join our competition team between the months of May – July.


Pre-Team: This group is intend for gymnasts ages 4-7 years old. As the entry level of the program, athletes will focus on building the strength, mobility and basic skills based on the USAG Top Curriculum. Typical Practice is 2 days a week an Hour each Class. (Non-competitive Group)

Compulsory Levels 2 and 3: Athletes will move from the Pre-Team Group  into the Compulsory groups and will practice 5 to 6 hours a week. In this group, athletes will focus on learning how to compete routines which includes memorizing choreography developing artistry, and strengthening skills required for USAG Level 2 and Level 3 routines. (Entry Competitive Group with short season, 3-4 Traveling Competition )

Compulsory Level 4: Upon mastering Level 3 skills, Athletes will move from Level 3 into the Level 4 Group and will practice 9 hours a week. In this group, athletes will focus on developing more difficult skills and building a strong foundation of higher level gymnastics. (Competition Group with 4 Competition)

Optional Levels (Levels 6-10) After Athletes has successfully tested out Level 4 and 5 by achieving a desired all around score at their competition gymnasts will be invited to join the optional group.  Optional Level athletes will practice anywhere from 12-15 hours a week. This competitive team will attend a full meet season which can include states regionals and Nationals with their own individual routines fit to their strengths.

Meet the Team Coaches

Coach Taylor
JO Team Program Director
Head Coach 

Coach Callie

JO Pre-team and Compulsory Coach

Taylor has been coaching for the past 11 years with the last 7 having been with the JO competition team. Taylor grew up doing gymnastics all the way through high school, and loved swinging bars but now you can pretty much always find her right next to the beam, her favorite event to coach.  Taylor graduated with a business degree in analytics and a minor in psychology from UNCW. From 2020- 2023 Taylor worked with Dr. Dave Tilley at Shift Movement Science. Taylor helped run and organize their gymnastics educational courses and webinars and provides data driven research on a variety of sport specific studies. She is also a NASM CPT (certified personal trainer) and writes the group and individual athletes strength/mobility plans from Pre-team – Level 10. Taylors favorite thing about coaching is being able to help athletes reach their personal goals and the bonds she builds with her athletes. When Taylor is not in the gym you can usually find her at the beach, a coffee shop or working out.
Callie has been at Gymnastics Unlimited since she was 3 years old! She has been coaching at GU for over 4 years now. Her favorite event was always bars, but she love coaching floor! She is a sociology major at UNCW. Callie’s favorite thing about coaching has been working with kids to build strength and confidence in their abilities. Outside of the Gym you can find her on the beach or shopping!

Coach Meghan - Pre-team - Level 6 Coach

Coach Paige - Compulsory (Level 2-4) Coach

Meghan grew up doing gymnastics for 8+ years. Meghan started coaching at Gymnastics Unlimited helping with our Pre-team and Compulsory Level Athletes. This summer Meghan and I traveled to attend a 3 days coaches conference for our Region to continue learn about technique and work on spotting! Her favorite event has always been beam. Megans favorite thing about coaching is inspiring confidence and positivity in young athletes. Outside of the Gym Megan enjoys the beach and painting.

Paige was a competitive gymnast from Maryland and did gymnastics for 10 plus years, competing up to level 9. After she ended her gymnastics career she became the head coach for the USAG level three team and an Xcel silver team for two years before moving to Wilmington. Paiges favorite thing about coaching is getting to make connections with the kids and helping them reach their goals. Her favorite event to do was floor, and it’s her favorite event to coach as well. When Paige is not at the gym you can find her at the beach.

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