Tops and Accelerated Program

What is TOPs?

TOPS (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search and educational program by USAG for female gymnasts ages 8-10 and their coaches. The purpose of the TOPS National Program is to build the physical abilities and technically sound fundamentals for our athletes of the future. While strength and flexibility continue to develop, the athletes will learn the compulsory routines which contain many of the root skills required for elite level development. Form, execution, and shapes will be the primary focus of this program. This is the beginning of the path for an elite athlete. Whether an athlete chooses the elite path or the Development Program path (Levels 1-10), the TOPS program will assist in developing a well-prepared athlete as she moves forward.


TOPs training goal is to accelerate a gymnast’s progression, this at times can be very demanding. This is why coaches only select a very small percentage of athletes to train for TOPs.  Many things are considered upon selection, Physical abilities (Strength, Mobility, Flexibility), Mental Capacity (Pays attention, takes corrections, hard worker), and Age (Has to fit a certain age cut-off to compete).


TOP training is focused on training two areas: Physical Abilities (P.A.) and TOPS Skills. Physical Abilities are a set of 6 nationally determined tests that measure an athlete’s strength and flexibility. TOPS skills are nationally determined progressions and skill standards that point towards a high level of gymnastics. The supplemental training of TOPS naturally increases a gymnast’s level of success as they progress through the Junior Olympic levels of competition.

How will Tops be used at Gymnastics Unlimited?

TOPs at Gymnastics Unlimited will be used as an additional program to the Competition team. This opportunity will be give specific athletes that show increased ability in areas of strength, flexibility and skill development. Along with being able to apply correction, pay attention in class and show strong work ethic during their team practice. Athletes will also have to fall into specific age ranges that allows them ample time to practice prior to testing. Ideally will start preparations ages 5-7 years old.  This program is designed to give these athletes a chance to progress at a faster rate and work upgraded assignments that follow TOPS Guidelines. TOPs Athletes will have their own practice times and athletes will be asked to only work on their TOPs assignments and skills during that time and vis versa with their competition team practice. Along with that there are many potential opportunities in the program such, attending national tops testing, making a tops team getting to go to Tops camp, etc.

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