What Class Should I Choose?

In a gymnastics academy that offers a wide variety of classes, choosing which one is best for you or your child can be a bit complicated.

The first thing you should keep in mind, whatever the case, is to opt for classes that offer a well supervised, safe and welcoming environment so that both your children and you are active, have fun and learn.

The aim of the classes should be to instruct in a positive way, promoting confidence and self-esteem, all in order to improve the physical abilities of each student.

In this way, you can choose between the following types of classes:

Parent & Tot: 

  • Parent and Tot (1 to 2 years old) this modality is the opportunity for you to work directly with your children and introduce them to the world of gymnastics. Through it you can learn how to encourage your child to develop coordination, strength, balance and agility, while strengthening parent/child bonds. It allows parents to integrate into the process, which is very helpful if you want to motivate your child to play sports by feeling in a family environment and constant support.

Tumble Tots (3 to 4 years old):

  • Once the student passes the previous program, he/she will be ready and prepared to be part of Tumble Tots. This is made for preschoolers and their goal is to develop their self-esteem (very important factor for that age) and motivate them to experience the different possibilities of realization they have. This program is a very good option for children who want to discover their passion for gymnastics since it is designed to be implemented more creatively and with a little more freedom for the student than the previous one.

Classes for boys or girls:

  • from the age of 5, parents can enroll their children in divided programs for boys or girls according to their needs. Both are composed of three stages, which are: beginners, intermediate and advanced. All activities are creative and entertaining and, in turn, improve the physical condition of the student. These programs are excellent for children who want to develop more professionally in gymnastics and who have already defined their desire to practice this sport.

Homeschool classes: 

  • they are excellent for parents who are inclined to home schooling and seek to actively participate in their children’s learning process, which is more interactive and personalized. This program applies to children between 3 and 12 years and is a good option for those looking to save money, since they are offered at a reduced price.

Remember that choosing the perfect type of class for each person will depend on their needs, their availability, their requirements and what they want to achieve. If you plan to include yourself or your child in gymnastics programs, it is recommended that you study carefully all the options you have available to know which is the most convenient for both.

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